Why Is It Impossible to Recover After A Death?

It’s impossible to recover after a death of a loved one because you don’t have the right information or the vehicle for doing it. You were given all the wrong information and you are trying to do something that is impossible with the vehicle and information you have.

If you are trying to go from New York to California and someone gave you the wrong directions and told you to go east from New York into the Atlantic Ocean, and on top of that you didn’t have any vehicle to help you get there, you are never making it to California!

This is why it seems impossible to recover from grief. You have the wrong directions and no vehicle for moving through it and arriving to a life you desire.

Have you been told,

“Keep busy. That will make you feel better.”

“Be strong for ________________. That will make you feel better.”

“Get out and have some fun. That will make you feel better.”

“Don’t be sad. She’s in a better place.” Doesn’t that make you feel better?

If you have heard and believed any of these statements, then you have the wrong information for recovering from your grief and your loss.

My bet is you and your whole support system learned at a young age the wrong way to make it successfully through a devastating loss.

Then you had the devastating loss.

You tried everything you thought you knew to get through it. Nothing made you feel better.

So you are stuck. You are stuck in the pain. You are stuck in the confusion. You are stuck in isolation.

And you now feel convinced that there is no way out. You are just the person whose life is not meant to be happy.

No, I challenge that belief. You and everyone else just have the wrong information.

I am going to argue that it is not impossible to recover after a death.

It is possible and it is meant for you. You would not be reading this if you were not meant to recover.

There are specific actions you can take to recover after a devastating loss.

I am not saying your life will go back to the way it was. It can’t. Your life has changed greatly as a result of your loss. But you are able to recover from the pain and isolation caused by loss and grief.

It is possible to remember your loved one and recover from the pain of thinking of them. It is also possible to continue to love them and to move forward in your current life.

I did so I know it is possible for you as well.

I wish for you recovery from the pain of your loss and your grief. Life needs you.