My husband died last year.
And that year I not only lost my husband;
I also lost my closest friend;
I lost my Saturday night date;
I lost my children’s father and their best male role model;
I lost our family disciplinarian;
Our financial provider;
My cheerleader … and critic;
My talented, free and always available handyman and repairman;
My home decorator, with an amazing eye for color, style, space;
My personal artist, who painted and created all the artwork in our house, took all the pictures on our walls, even made some of the unique furniture found in our home;
My general contractor, building a good deal of the five houses we lived in;
My trash collector, floor mopper, and after dinner dishwasher;
Our family’s comedian;
My compass;
My pillar;
And I lost the wall I hid behind when I felt fearful.

Who did you lose?