Deep breaths.

Take a deep breath right now. Can you? When we lose a loved one we often can’t breathe deeply.

I don’t know about you, but I felt like I would forget to breathe when I was in the throws of my deepest grief.

Since I have had to get through grief, and now guiding others through a loved one dying and grief, I have had many clients who have told me the same thing I experienced, that in the beginning they seem to almost forget to breathe.

When I started to learn about the health benefits of deep breathing, it felt important for me to become conscious of my breath. In that awareness of my breath I found I would become present to the moment. Then I found more peace in the moment.

In grief, our minds and thoughts are often stuck in the regret and guilt about the past or worried and in fear about the future.

Life feels so unpredictable, so uncertain. Our breath can bring us back to this moment in time and doing that helps you relax.

So become conscious of your breathing starting today.

We end up having very shallow breath when we are grieving. Shallow breath tells our body that we are in danger.

And the more we breathe short, quick, shallow breaths, the more we feel in danger and the more anxious we feel.

Shallow breathing also doesn’t get much oxygen to our brain so we don’t think as clearly.

Deep breathing relaxes your body and sends your brain the message that you are okay.

When you believe you are okay, you will begin to think even more clearly so you actually will be okay.

Become aware of your breathing and aim to take deeper breaths. Deep breaths help your body relax.

When you feel nervous, take a moment to focus on your breathing.

Try this. This is what I do when I think of it. –

Breathe in to the count of four. Feel or watch your belly expand as you breathe in. Hold the breath for four counts. Then breathe out to the count of six pushing out more air from deep in your belly.

Do this breathing activity four times.

See how you feel more at ease when you are finished.

Throughout the day check in with your breathing when you think of it.

Remind yourself to take a deep breath.

See how it helps relieve some of the tension from grief. Get some grief relief.