Processing grief takes COURAGE! It takes incredible courage.

Do you know that many give up on the journey through grief? And many choose early on that they are meant to grieve forever. They sit down in it and make a home in grief.   Others start with hope that they will move through it. They give it their best effort, but it knocks them down again and again, and then one time they just decide not to get up.

See moving through grief is not for the weak. It takes courage. It takes guts. It takes a willingness to confront pain and uncertainty. You can’t tell me that doesn’t take courage.

If you are experiencing the extreme emotions of grief and you are still standing, then you are courageous. Pat yourself on the back for getting up and facing today.

If your loss happened a while ago and you are still looking for ways to process your grief, then you have courage. Give yourself a high five for not giving up on yourself.

I’ve found that most grievers are courageous. Most grievers keep looking for ways to move through their grief. They keep trying new paths. Reading more books. Seeing more therapists. Unfortunately, there just isn’t a lot of good information about how to do it.

Start by acknowledging your strength and courage. Start by owning your willingness to keep going, processing grief. You say, ‘I don’t have a choice,” but you do. Own that. Own that you make a choice everyday to keep moving forward as hard as it is.

Hold your head high because you are navigating a journey with no map. You are blazing a new trail through your grief. No one taught you and probably no one is guiding you. And you keep going.

You have courage. Courage comes from your heart. Listen to your heart and let your courageous heart guide you through your grief and back to life.