My Story

Life as I knew it ended in an instant. One day I was a happily married mom of 3 children. As they say, “life was good.” My husband and I were enjoying raising our children and our only problems were “first world problems”, like the discomfort of having our kitchen renovated and being forced to use the bathroom sink and microwave for all meals.

Then my husband’s stomach began hurting, and it got worse… and worse. A few months later we got the devastating and ‘world spinning’ call from his doctor telling us that my husband Peter had a terminal cancer with little time left. Life has never been the same since.

Watching my husband suffer and die was hell. The grief following was no better. While our family and friends did what they could, I felt so alone, lost and frightened. No one, including professionals, knew how to help me get through it, or help me recover from my grief.

My experience has led me to a new purpose in my life. I started Passing Through Grief to help others to not get stuck in the overwhelming grief but instead pass through their grief and then launch a new life of clear purpose and wholehearted living.

After my husband died, I did everything I could to heal and feel better. It took a lot of stumbling through the dark tunnel alone with no flashlight or person to lead me; lots of screaming for help with no one answering my screams. It took a lot of crawling along the pitch-black floor searching for something to get me out.

Two years after my husband’s death I took a grief recovery workshop in an attempt to help myself. And guess what, I began feeling better as a result. This was my ‘lightbulb’ moment. I then became certified as a grief recovery specialist and felt even better.

Standing now, but still stumbling and lost, I enrolled in a yearlong life coaching certification program. I learned a ton and applied it in my own life. I became certified as a life coach and started helping others as well. I was feeling a lot better, you could even say I was finally beginning to live wholeheartedly again.

At this point I felt a strong inner desire to share my knowledge and gifts with others. I got a job at a hospice as a bereavement counselor, and I found I loved being there for others, and they felt better as a result of working with me. I took a couple of courses on the brain and grief. I began to take the best of what I learned from each program, let go of the parts that did not apply, and I developed my own process (The ReliefTM Process) to help those of us hurting to heal after a great loss that left us feeling broken.

Today, I am pleased and honored to tell you that I now help people internationally to pass through their grief and begin to live wholeheartedly again. Because of my most horrible life experience, and finally passing through my own grief successfully, I have found new purpose and excitement in my life. I now live a purposeful and wholehearted life!

Thank you for reading my story. At a minimum, I hope it makes you feel that you are not alone, and yes, you too, with help, can pass through your grief and begin to live wholeheartedly again. I would be honored to connect with you to hear your story and see if I can help you.