Fireweed. Have you ever seen it? It’s beautiful. Here’s a photograph of it. I took this picture years ago when my husband and I vacationed in Alaska. I was so captivated by the beauty of the extensive purple fields of this flower. At the time I did not know the history of it and it’s incredible strength.

My husband and I loved Alaska. Pete wanted to move there. I didn’t want to be that far from family and friends. And I knew depression in winter would be a good possibility for me with only a couple of hours of sunlight through the winter months.

We settled in a small town close to our families. I am so grateful for that because when my husband died five years ago my family saved me. I was completely devastated by his death. My world was wiped out. It was burnt to the ground. I lost my whole sense of being, my identity, my security in life. My family helped me through those early years.

I recovered from my grief. I found my way through it. I was determined and my determination won over the pain. See, I had three children who were dependent on me so they drove my determination.

Fireweed has the same determination. I recently learned that Fireweed is the first sign of new growth after a devastation such as a forest fire. So after the whole forest has burned to the ground this beautiful flower appears as a sign that rejuvenation of the forest is beginning.

So what was your sign this week that after your devastation new life is beginning? Did you catch yourself laughing, did you notice your strength and courage? What was your Fireweed?