So the saying goes, “Time heals all wounds.” Friends think that reminding us of this “truth” will somehow make us feel better while our gaping wound is left oozing indefinitely after our loved one has died. That we will feel comforted by the possibility that if we just give it enough time, we will heal.

The only problem is that it is A MYTH that time heals all wounds. Time does not heal the wound of grief. Or time alone does not heal us. I’ve met too many people who 10, 20, even 30 years after they have had to say goodbye forever to someone they loved, their heart still aches, and tears still flow when the anniversary rolls around. This is called grief no matter how many years it’s been. I have too much proof of that fact. I bet you know someone who still tears up when they talk of a loved one who died years ago.

I disagree with all those who tell us time will heal our wounds. They have not had someone close to them die.

Our wounds are meant to heal though.  We are not meant to cry every anniversary. We are meant to remember our loved one and have feelings of happiness when we think of them.  I know from both personal experience and experience working with many people, that we can heal the pain of grief no matter how long it has been and we can remember and honor our loved ones with fond memories and joy.

I have a process that does that. It worked for me and it’s worked so far with every client I have worked with. If you don’t want to cry every time you think of your loved one, but instead want to see what it’s like to smile when you think of your loved one, then let’s talk.