If you are here because you’re in pain and want help to feel better, or you are wanting to help a friend in pain, you are in the right place.

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My RELIEFTM Process – six steps to move through your
grief and launch your new life

  • Recognize your current thoughts and beliefs and the feelings they cause.
  • Express your emotions, your pain, and your whole story to another.
  • Let go of your painful attachment to the past and to your sorrow.
  • Identify, explore, and begin to create your expanded self.
  • Empower yourself through new thought patterns, better feelings, and inspired actions.
  • Find Freedom through focused steps forward to your expanded self.

A few people I’ve helped move beyond their loss

I joined the Passing Through Grief (workshop) to keep a friend company and because I was feeling ongoing anxiety and depression of my own.  Although I had doubts that this would change things for me, I was happily surprised by the end of the workshop . . . I had moved way past a loss that had haunted me for decades.   I learned so much about grieving that I feel more prepared to face future losses in a healthier manner, but I would/will contact Natalia in the future, if the need arises.

I highly recommend Natalia Volz.

Penny, Pennsylvania

I am GRATEFUL from THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. I truly thought I was beyond hope, and most certainly beyond help. My brain was fried. My heart was so heavy. I couldn’t relate to my friends, and they definitely couldn’t relate to me! I felt emotionally isolated, and REALLY, really angry. I was such a wreck. Someone passed along Natalia’s name, so I hopped onto her website... I watched one of her YouTube videos... then I binge watched all of them! Finally, someone who was speaking my language. Even though I was skeptical about whether or not I would ever feel better, I felt an immediate connection with Natalia, I saw that this was a woman who had the capacity to be with me in my own darkness. I decided to do her 12 week program, and honestly it’s one of the best things I’ve done for myself. Natalia gets grief like no one I’ve ever met. She doesn’t try to “fix”, but models the type of behavior that is actually helpful in supporting people so that they can move through their own grief. I learned so much in our time together. I learned about grief and the way that it effects the brain (“oh, you mean I’m not CRAZY, my brain is just going haywire because of all the loss I’m experiencing? Oh!!”) and how to be supportive of others that are dealing with loss. She was patient with me when I would get anxious and frustrated. She would simply meet me where I was, every single time. I got so much out of working with Natalia. I feel more balanced, content, and I see a path forward. I would recommend working with Natalia if you feel hopeless. If you’ve been grieving for 20 years. Or two weeks. I would recommend working with Natalia if you have a sick family member or friend. If you have layers of loss, transition, change, etc and feel like you just don’t know where to begin. I’d recommend Natalia if you thought you had a handle on your grief, but then something happened and you feel like you’re back at square one. Or square minus one. I would recommend Natalia, period.

Annie, Washington

I turned to Natalia (because) I was stuck in my grief over some losses … (end of) my marriage, selling my house that I raised my kids in, but the final loss that sent me down was the breakup of the man I was seeing for two and a half years.  I would highly recommend Natalia if you are sad and can’t get through it. You never get over it, but move through it, with the help of this program it is possible.  My experience (with Natalia's program) was very good! I felt safe to say what happened without judgment. The outcome and/or benefits were more than I could have ever expected!  

Beth, Pennsylvania

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Here are a few free resources that will start you on your path to recovery.

How To Help A Friend

If you have a friend or loved one who is grieving, please view this free five video series that will tell you how to support

them and help them feel better.

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“Grief is in two parts. The first is LOSS. The second is the REMAKING OF LIFE.

– Anne Ropie

Here are a few free resources that will start you on your path to recovery.